At the committee meeting on 28th March, Maxine shared updates on the Libre and asked us to inform other parents.

The team are not able to put any new patients on to the Libre at the moment. Abbott are currently experiencing a big shortage, due to 5 different countries all allowing funding for the Libre on the same day.  It is a short term shortage issue as Abbott are building a new factory to help cope with demand.

Existing patients can still order the sensors but can only order 2 at a time every 25 days. Most of the supplies from Abbott are being sent to pharmacies due to the NHS funding of them. Some of our families have already managed to aqcuire sensors from local pharmacies. 

Maxine then informed us that there is still no funding available for the Libre in this area. This will be reviewed once Abbott provide firm proof that the Libre saves money, ie reducing the number of finger pricks needed. 

If and when funding is granted by the CCG it will be reviewed for each patient every 6 months. Parents and children will need to show greater control through a reduction of hypers, hypos and a lower Hba1c. If the family do not show this, then they will no longer recieve funding for the Libre. 

We will keep you updated with any more news as and when we get it.