Welcome to the Maidstone Area Parents Group

We are a voluntary group which exists to help support children with Type 1 diabetes and their families.

Our Aims as a group are : -

* To provide support to parents of children with Type 1 diabetes

* To give children with Type 1 diabetes the opportunity to meet others coping successfuly with the condition

* To encourage the local NHS Trust to improve the care for children with Type 1 Diabetes

* To arrange social events for parents and children

* To organise appropriate presentations on Type 1 diabetes and related topics

* To share information regarding the current research into Type 1 diabetes as well as useful publications, websites etc

* To support, encourage and arrange fundraising activities

  • Coffee Mornings

    We will continue to meet once a month for a cuppa and a chat at Bricks Coffee House.  Most people tend to come straight from the morning...

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  • Christmas Parties!

    The committee are being busy little elves at the moment and are organising Christmas get togethers for all the children.  Keep your eyes...

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